About Grades

Our team of editors considers several factors- price history, current market, demand for the item, and general "hotness" before determining a grade. We only consider the "best of the best" offers. A C+ grade from us is nothing to be ashamed of.

Our grading rubric is as follows:
A+: The kind of deal you need to buy, even if you're not in the market for an item.
A/A-: One of the top few deals of the day. These are almost always all-time low prices.
B+/B: Very strong deals. It is possible that it's not an all-time low price, but if not, it is very close.
B-/C+: Good deals. Still in the top 5% of all online offers, but maybe lagging behind all-time low prices.
C: OK deals. Probably the best price for this item today, but it's likely that there will be a stronger price in the near future.

Although we do collect commissions on some of the deals that appear on the site, our grades are totally independent.

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